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VET Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner Laptop Machine Color Doppler For Pregnancy In Animals

VET Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner Laptop Machine Color Doppler For Pregnancy In Animals

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Animal Ultrasound Machine

VET Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner Laptop Machine Color Doppler For Pregnancy In Animals. Animal Ultrasound Machine CMS1700A-VET is a color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic device with high resolution, which has a powerful computer processing platform. It adopts Doppler ultrasound imaging technology, advanced image processing technology (such as digital beam-forming technology, tissue harmonic imaging (THI), image speckle suppression, etc.) and digital integrated graphic management system, and the internal professional measurement software package can fully meet the clinic diagnostic requirement.

Powerful function & Configuration
• Laptop, slim design, smart and light, easy to carry, convenient for examining.
• Built-in lithium battery
• 15" High resolution color LED monitor, high brightness, high contrast, wide visual, image clear and exquisite
• Menu operation, Interface language: Chinese/English can be switched.
• OB measurement: EDD and GA for Bovine, equine, ovine, canine, feline, goat, swine and llama.
• Automatically calculate backfat and lean percentage of swine.
• Light touch keyboard, trackball and encoder, easy operation for doctor.
• High speed USB port support high-capacity USB disk, and support the color laser printer print out all kinds of image and reports which make the output of diagnosis more convenient and simple.

Rich clinical application function
• B+CF (Dual Images)
• B+CF/PDI/DPDI+PW (Triplex)
• Linear array deflection/Trapezoidal imaging (optional)
• Space compounding Imaging
• Wide scene imaging.(optional)
• Speckle noise removal technology
• Pulse inversion tissue harmonic imaging technology (iTHI)

1)Display depth: ≥ 300 mm
2)Extended interface: VIDEO interface, S-VIDEO interface, RJ-45 interface, USB interface, VGA interface.
Type of protection against electric shock: class Ⅰ equipment
Degree of protection against electric shock: type B applied part
Operating voltage: AC 100 V~240 V
Operating frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption: ≤ 100 VA

Convex probe (3.5 MHz)
One User Manual
One power cord
One adapter

Physical characteristic
Dimension: 370 mm (L) × 360 mm (W) × 80 mm (H)
Weight: 6.5 kg

Welcome to the forefront of veterinary medicine with our Animal Ultrasound Machine. This advanced, portable ultrasound technology has been specifically designed for veterinary use. It isn't just another tool, but a leap forward in animal healthcare.

Ideal for pregnancy detection in various animals, it boasts of high accuracy and efficiency. This vet-friendly solution incorporates a Color Doppler, giving clear, detailed images. Its portability further increases convenience, making it indispensable for on-site treatments and diagnosis.

With this machine, intricacies of animal reproduction become comprehensible like never before. Veterinarian services can be improved; farms can run more smoothly; wildlife preservation efforts can be better informed. Decades of technological advancement all culminate here, in this one, easy-to-use, portable device.

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