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Round Placemat Table Non-Slip

Round Placemat Table Non-Slip

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Round Placemat: A Combination of Style and Function


Material: Linen

Shape: Round

Table Decoration & Accessories Type: Mats & Pads

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Quantity: 1PC

Size: 38cm / 15inch

Feature1: Plant fiber

Feature2: Environmentally friendly

Feature3: Print pattern

Feature4: Bohemian style

Feature5: Tassel decoration

Feature6: Desktop decoration

Feature7: Anti slip and thermal insulation

Feature8: for Wedding

Feature9: for party

Feature10: Outdoor and Indoor Decor

Feature11: Jute tablecloth

Multiple styles: 14 patterns

Round Placemat Table Non-Slip Jute Mats for Dining Table Decoration Accessories Kitchen Placemats Coffee Coasters Party Dinner.

Material: jute (not washable) .
Size: 38cm / 15inch .
Thickness: 1mm~2mm(Different styles have different thicknesses) .

Pattern: Only printed on one side (pattern printed with paint, odor is a normal phenomenon) .

[Notice before purchase]: 

This product is woven from cotton and linen thread, and it is light and thin (when lifted, it will be transparent, and when placed on a flat surface, it will display the pattern normally). The pattern is printed with paint (only one side has the pattern), and it is normal to have an odor. We recommend placing it on an opaque table or hanging it on an opaque wall. The tassels around the meal mat are glued on, please use them correctly. They can last for several years (do not wash, soak, rub, or squeeze). 

[Common after-sales issues]: 
Odor issue: When receiving the product, there may be a smell of paint or jute material. Please place it in a ventilated and cool environment, as the odor will gradually dissipate with air circulation. 
Cleaning method: Please gently wipe with a damp cloth (do not wash, soak, rub, or squeeze with water) 
Indentation wrinkles: The package may be compressed during transportation, resulting in wrinkles. It can be flattened with an iron or heavy flat bottomed items. 
Tassels are messy: You can use an unused fork or comb to tidy them up. 
The warehouse workers have already sorted out the tassels and carefully packed them into the packaging bags when shipping, but the packages may inevitably be squeezed during transportation, so we cannot ensure that every batch of goods is delivered to you very smoothly. 

At first glance, our Round Placemat Table Non-Slip might seem like just another piece of dining decor. But it's much more than that. This Round Placemat is a blend of style and function that’s perfect for contemporary homes.

Made from durable materials, the Round Placemat is designed to last. It provides an elegant touch to your dining table and effectively protects it from spills and hot dishes. So, you won't just be buying something that looks good – you'll be investing in the longevity of your furniture too.

The Round Placemat is also impressively versatile. You can use it under plates, bowls, and dishes of all sizes. It offers an excellent grip, keeping your tableware securely in place. That means fewer accidents and more enjoyable meals, which is always a win.

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