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PURC Fast Hair Growth for Men Women Hair Oil Care Ginger Anti Hair Loss Scalp Treatment Grow Serum Products Beauty Health 35ml

PURC Fast Hair Growth for Men Women Hair Oil Care Ginger Anti Hair Loss Scalp Treatment Grow Serum Products Beauty Health 35ml

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Unleash Fast Hair Growth with Our Hair Care Oil for Men Women


Hair care oil for men women

Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil:

Ginger extract is recognized as an effective component for hair growth.

Just a few drops can effectively stimulate the flow of blood on the scalp,

Increasing blood circulation so as to reduce hair loss and strengthen hair roots.

100% Natural Ingredients:

Ginger,natural plant extracts,curcuma longa (turemric) root oil,melaleuca alternifolia(tea tree)leaf oil

-- Effectively Prevent Hair Loss

-- Stimulate Hair Grow

-- Enhance Hair Texture

-- Repair Damaged Hair


Brand: PURC

Item Type: Hair Growth Products

Product Name: Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil

NET WT: 1.01 OZ./ 35ml

Package Include:

1*Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil

Suitable For:

● Frequent hair fall,low hair volume,hairine move up,stress alopecia;

● Who want to increase their hair and promote re-growth;

● People with damaged hair who frequently perm and dye their hair;

● Hair with no shine and no elasticity.



Hair Loss;



Hairline High;



Multiple Plant Extracts Reach Deep Into The Roots

Repairing Hair Solution

Repairing Hair Solution


Stimulating The Supply Of Fake Hair Follicles

The Essence Of PlantVitality Penetrates IntoThe Wall Of The HairFollicle And Injects Hair

Awaken The DormantHair Follicles,ImproveThe Supply CapacityAnd Grow New Hair.

Keep Using.New HairGradually Thicker And Strong Shiny.


A Variety Of Medicinal Ingredients And Botanical Ingredients

That Penetrate Hair Roots To Promots Hair Growth

Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root


Rosmarinus Officinalis(Rosemary) Leaf

Salcia Japonica Extract

Melaleuca Alternifolia(Tea Tree) Leaf

Usage Tip:

Step1: Wash and dry the hair

Step2: Put 2-3 drops of Natural Ginger Hair Growth Oil on your palm

Step3: Gently massage with your fingertips onto scalp and work from root to tip

Hair care oil for men women. Does hair loss have you worried? Want to boost hair growth and regain your confidence? Our Hair Care Oil for Men Women is the solution that you need. Made from natural ginger, renowned for its hair growth promoting properties, this oil can revitalize your hair and stimulate your scalp for fast results. But why should you choose our hair oil?

Well, our Hair Care Oil is not just another product on the market. Specifically designed for both men and women, it meets all hair types' needs. It goes beyond merely improving hair growth. This oil hydrates and nourishes the scalp, preventing further hair loss, and leaving your hair looking healthy and shiny. It's the perfect addition to your hair care routine.

Why wait? Discover the benefits of our Hair Care Oil for Men Women yourself. Experience speedy hair growth, reduced hair loss, and super shiny hair. And with the natural power of ginger, you can be sure of a safe and effective solution for your hair concerns. So why not give it a try? Empower your hair and boost your confidence with our Hair Care Oil for Men Women.

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