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Moissanite Four Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace

Moissanite Four Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace

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Experience the Exquisite Beauty of our Moissanite Necklace

Add a touch of luck to your jewelry collection with our Moissanite Four Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace. The four-leaf clover design is beautifully crafted with sparkling moissanite stones, making this necklace the perfect accessory for any outfit. With this necklace, you'll always have a little extra sparkle and charm by your side! (Caution: may attract compliments and good fortune.)


A matching box.

Moissanite jewelry over 0.3 carats includes a certificate of stone properties. Limited warranty included, please contact us for any issues related to your purchase.

Style: Fashion

Material: 925 sterling silver, Platinum-plated, Moissanite, Zircon (accent stones)

Color grade: D

Clarity grade: VVS1

Care: Avoid wearing during exercise, as sweat will react with the jewelry to produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, which causes the jewelry to deteriorate and corrode over time.

Product measurements:

  • Chain length: 17.7 in
  • Main stone: 0.5 carat
  • Weight: 0.08 oz (2.2 g)

Discover the exceptional charm and intricate design of our Moissanite Four Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace. Made from the finest moissanite, this necklace is a testament to high craftsmanship and the luxurious allure of moissanite jewelry. But that is not all. The necklace also comes with a four-leaf clover pendant, a symbol of luck and prosperity, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones. So, why wait? Get this alluring moissanite necklace today and experience for yourself the unique dazzle it brings.

Each Moissanite stone in our Four Leaf Clover Pendant necklace is carefully selected for its clarity and brilliance. Because of the expertise honed by our craftsmen through years of experience, each stone is flawlessly cut, bringing out its best light performance. And as a result, our Moissanite pendant necklace showcases an unparalleled sparkle that rivals even that of the most expensive natural diamonds.

Our Moissanite Necklace is designed not just for its aesthetic appeal but for its durability too. The four leaf clover pendant is crafted with utmost precision making it resilient enough for everyday wear. And the result, a necklace that's as strong and gorgeous as the woman who wears it. This is why our Moissanite Necklace is the perfect blend of luxury and practicality, serving as a beautiful daily reminder of luck and positivity.

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