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Medical Tourniquet Tactical Military Emergency With Pen First Aid

Medical Tourniquet Tactical Military Emergency With Pen First Aid

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Medical Tourniquet

• Versatile use :This tourniquet is perfect for outdoor exploration, camping, and military emergencies.

• Durable material:Made with high-quality materials, this tourniquet is built to last through tough conditions.

• Easy to use :With its simple design, this tourniquet can be applied quickly and easily in emergency situations.

• Compact and lightweight :This tourniquet is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in a backpack or first aid kit.


1) Effectively and quickly block the blood flow of upper limbs and lower limbs, and inhibit the outflow of arterial blood.

2) One-Handed operation. The total length are 37 inches, suitable for most people's arms and legs.

3) The design of the composite hasp ensures that the tourniquet will not affect its use on rainy days.

4) The red oval marking on the tip provides additional visual cues during use.

5) The tourniquet has a wide application range, can be used for military, medical treatment, rescue and the like, and is small in size and convenient to carry.


1) Material: Polyester

2) size: 65cm, 75cm, 95cm

3) Color: Black

Packing List

1PC Tourniquet ( Optional )

Single-handed installation

Portable and easy to store

1) Velcro : Easy to use, easier for a single operation

2) Time Recording Tape : Easy to write ,record dressing time

3) Reinforced Rod : 12mm thicker harder superior materiaI ,never got broken

4) Single Day Buckle : Easier to operate with one hand

5) Mark Pen : Lightweight easy to write, much more convenient in an emergency

Single-handed Application

1) Pull the free end of the tourniquet to make it as tight as possible and secure the free end

2) Spinning the windlass ( rod ) until bleeding stops

3) Secure the windlass ( rod )to keep the tourniquet tight .

4) Record the time the tourniquet was applied

User Instruction

1)Place the tourniquet over the wound and tie the injured limb with a strap

2)Pass the tip through the outer slit of the buckle and lock it in place

3) Tighten the strap and attach it to the clip

4) Twist the handle to increase the pressure until the wound is no longer bleeding

5) Hold the handle in the retaining clip and stick it with the velcro

6) Record the dressing time on the time recording tape

It can be used for different scenarios

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