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Ebike Front Brake Rear Light Set For 36V 48V Battery Contain Horn Headlight Switch And With Ebike Turn Functional Tail Light

Ebike Front Brake Rear Light Set For 36V 48V Battery Contain Horn Headlight Switch And With Ebike Turn Functional Tail Light

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Why Choose Our Ebike Turn Functional Tail Light Set?

Ebike Brake Light And Turning Light Set Input 24V 36V 48V Electric Bike Scooter Headlight With Horn And Turn Tail Light

Warning1: This product will not work in a Bafang or TSDZ mid motor.2: It needs to be in a 36V or 48V battery to work properly.3: This product needs to be connected to the same battery as the controller, otherwise the brake function cannot be activated. 4: Connecting the brake requires the controller to be a low brake.

Plication: LED headlights for electric bicycles, shared electric vehicles, and motorcycle
Net weight of the whole set: 400g
Package weight: about 0.65KG (small carton)
Work status description:
Driving lights: When the switch of driving lights is turned on, the headlights and tail lights are on
Horn: When the horn button is pressed, the horn starts to work, release it to cancel
Brake light: When the brake signal line and the controller brake low voltage signal are connected normally, the brake light will light up while braking, and the brake light will go out when the brake is cancelled
Turn signal: When the turn switch of the designated direction is toggled, the turn signal of the corresponding direction starts to work and flashes, the flashing frequency is about 800ms each time

  1. Net weight of headlight: 100g
  2. 2. Shell material: plastic 3. Applicable voltage range: 36V-48V 4. Power: 59mA/2.8W 5. Luminous flux: 180-220LM 6. Horn Power: 44mA/2.1W 7. Horn Volume: 80-100dB 8. Product size: 62*50*70mm 9. Cable length: about 1.5M 10. Light Power: 3W

Rear Light

1. Net weight of taillight: 120g 2. Shell material: plastic 3. Applicable voltage range: 36-48V
4. Power: 1.5W 5. Number of light sources: 14 6. Luminous flux: 15LM 7. Product size: 132*65*40mm
8. Cable length: about 1.2M

Knowing how essential it is to remain visible and safe while riding, especially during the night, we present to you the ultimate solution - Ebike Turn Functional Tail Light set. This is not just a simple lighting solution, but it also provides a maximum level of safety for both you and others around you. It is designed to fit perfectly on any ebike equipped with a 36V or 48V battery.

The brilliance of our Ebike Turn Functional Tail Light set doesn't stop at providing luminous, clear lighting. It also integrates a horn and a headlight switch, ensuring all your biking needs are covered. The unique design of this set allows for simple installation and use, making it a user-friendly companion for your rides.

Moreover, we understand that most ebikes are used intensively, and for that matter, the longevity of our Turn Functional Tail Light set is unrivaled. It is built using robust materials, making it highly resistant to damage inflicted by the weather or during your adventures. So, no matter what comes your way, you can count on your Ebike Turn Functional Tail Light set to stay bright and fully functional!

In conclusion, the Ebike Turn Functional Tail Light set is not just a lighting accessory, it is a safety feature designed to protect you. It pairs unparalleled functionality with a stylish design, making your ebike stand out even in the dark. You can confidently embark on your night-time biking adventures, knowing your visibility, safety, and ease of commute are assured.

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