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2024 Original 45000RPM Rechargeable Nail Drill Machine with LCD Low Noise

2024 Original 45000RPM Rechargeable Nail Drill Machine with LCD Low Noise

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Rechargeable Nail Drill


Features :

【 Maximum speed 45000RPM】: The rechargeable nail drill matched with a mobile power supply can work for up to 10 hours after being fully charged for 2 hours.

【 Low Heat/Noise】: The professional nail drill for acrylic nails is designed with a brushless motor, aluminum alloy body, high-quality bearings and internal cooling system.

【 LCD Smart Screen 】: The LCD smart screen can clearly display the speed, rotation direction and remaining power so you can operate as needed.

【 Multifunctional 】: The acrylic nail drill can be used for grinding, cutting, polishing, acrylic powder, carving and removing gel nails, cuticles and dead skin Does not hurt hands and nails.

Product name : Nail Drill machine
Model : V4
Color: White 、Pink、Dazzle
Variable speed: 0 - 45000RPM (adjustable)
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Charging time: 2 hours
Working hours: up to 10 hours
Input voltage : DC5V , 2A

Package List :

1* Main Machine

1* Handpiece

1 * Pen Holder

1* Connection Cable

1* USB Charging Cable

1 * Nail Drill Bit Set

1* User Manual

Instructions for use:
1.Rotary switch comes with: open, close, speed;
2.Forward and reverse buttons, default positive rotation (display: F)
3.USB charging port can provide mobile phone charging function.
4.Type - C grinder charging interface.
5.Connect the connection port of the polishingpen to the host o 6Pause button can pause the function in use;
6.Speed display: 00-45RPM, representing 0-45000Turn to adjust the number. Forward and reverse display: the default forward rotation " F " at boot, press onePress the power button to reverse the "R", and press the power button again Key toreturn to forward rotation.
7.Power display: When the battery is turned on, the battery compartment is empty, which means the battery is dead, and the battery compartment is full, which means the battery is fully charged.
8. The pen holder can be inserted on the left and right sides.
9.Tighten the steering head of the pen, place the polishing head on the bottom and clamp it.
10.Equipped with belt clip, easy to carry and use.



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